Organizations large and small are relying on a cloud that is designed to be secure, protected and aligned with key standards. As companies become more digital, cloud is helping them transform — securely. They are using encryption, monitoring for vulnerabilities and deploying a wide range of security practices to drive confidence and stay protected.

They’re doing all this with IBM Cloud.

IBM’s ECM SaaS offerings include all off the core products such as:
IBM Datacap On Cloud

Content Capture, Classification, Processing, Data Extraction, Cognitive

IBM Content Foundation on Cloud

Content or Document Storage, Management, Search, Content Search Services, Retrieval, Workflow

IBM Case Manager on Cloud

Case Management, Advanced Workflow, Case Analyzer, Case Monitor

IBM Content Manager On-Demand (CMOD)

Storing Reports, Statements, Search, Retrieval

IBM Content Manager (CM8)

Storing content, Search, Retrieval and Lifecycle Management

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