Business Automation Workflow combines IBM Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) and IBM Case Manager into one workflow offering. It unites information, process, and users to provide a 360-degree view of work. In addition to process management and case management, workflow uses advanced analytics, business rules, and collaboration to drive more successful, optimised business outcomes.

IBM Business Automation Workflow provides:
  • Tools that simplify designing and deploying business solutions.
  • A ready-to-use interface for user that is flexible and customisable and can be extended to create role-based client experiences.
  • An active-content infrastructure that manages the persisted case object model and enables content-based events for case activities.
  • A common environment for straight-through processing, human, and case-oriented workflows.
  • Rich analytics that provide several methods to track and measure workflow business performance.
  • Methods to help users to gather the right content, apply analytics for more accurate decisions, and take necessary actions to assure better business outcomes.
  • Ability to identify and incorporate both structured and unstructured content into workflows, regardless of where that content lives either on premises, in the cloud, or in the field with mobile devices.
IBM Business Automation Workflow helps organisations:
  • Design a business-friendly environment.
  • Easily implement changes for business agility.
  • Achieve visibility across end-to-end workflows.
  • Increase efficiency and consistency by reusing process components across multiple workflows.
  • Govern workflows.
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