IBM Enterprise Content Management

Don’t think you work in content? We bet you do.

Whether you know it or not, you work in content. Invoices, medical records, research papers, social media and presentations are just a few examples of the content you likely work with every day.

Effective leaders are delivering growth, profitability and customer engagement through the best use of their unstructured data with IBM Enterprise Content Management.

Control Your Content with IBM ECM

Missing data can cause harm to your organization in many ways – from identity theft and lost customers to slow processes and low employee morale. Immediately capture information – via mobile or other connected device – from paper documents the moment you receive them with IBM ECM.

Ensuring your employees have access to all the most up-to-date information all the time allows them to make the best-informed decisions with the content in context.

Today’s ECM for the Digital Transformation

Learn how you can go beyond document management and collaboration with one ECM solution. IBM’s FileNet based content management solution is optimized for all different content and transaction types.

With unified content access, IBM Content Foundation allows you to gain secure, mobile, anytime access from across content stores and for all your business processes.

IBM Content Manager OnDemand drives customer engagement to increase satisfaction, raise RO

By giving customers anytime, anywhere access to their accounts across all channels, IBM Content Manager OnDemand for Bill Presentment and Payment helps create a network of engagement that lets you connect with customers from account management to marketing and sales.

It’s so effective, it’s helping a global telco enterprise manage and store 6.3 billion customer invoices while adding 80 million statements a month.

IBM Mobile Datacap

Mobile document capture certainly improves business processes, but what if it could be used to create a better customer experience?

IBM Datacap from Enterprise Content Management creates opportunities for businesses and consumers to save time and money by cutting out document shipping.

IBM Datacap Mobile Capture makes sending data and documents easier and faster than ever, allowing for real-time responses and much happier customers.

IBM Datacap Overview

This demo showcases how an auto insurance company uses IBM Datacap to help process a new claim. An insurance agent can use Datacap to capture, classify, and extract important information from documents that were received during the submission of the claim. Likewise, a claims adjuster can use Datacap to collect all the documents relevant to the case and follow the claims process through to completion.

IBM Datacap offers best-in-class capture, enhanced document classification, and an adaptable, extensible rules-based capture and document processing environment that is integrated with IBM Case Manager to provide complete solution for Capture and Case applications.

IBM Datacap Insight Edition

The document capture systems of today are restricted to structured forms and data, but not any more. Introducing IBM Datacap Insight Edition, an advanced document capture system combining natural language processing, machine learning, advanced imaging, and rules to extract insight from content. No longer are unknown, highly variable document types off limits.

By understanding the content and context, IBM Datacap Insight Edition determines relevant content to extract for business uses, learns and classifies document types for future use and faster processing.

The Next Generation of Capture is Cognitive - Datacap Insight Edition

Traditional systems often need human intervention to review and classify unknown or varying document formats – which is time-consuming and costly. We’ve raised the capture bar by applying advanced imaging, natural language processing and machine learning technologies to help identify and process documents with unknown, highly variable and complex formats.

Watch this demo to see what Cognitive Capture looks like with correspondence documents in any industry.

A quick look at FileNet Image Services Connector for IBM Content Navigator

A short overview of how the connector works from an architectural perspective. It provides a brief demo of the user experience using Content Navigator to access the Image Services repository and covers several features including: browser view, query view, cross-repository search, display multiple page documents, accessing annotations, adding documents and document properties.

IBM StoredIQ for Legal Product Demo

Listen to this demo on IBM StoredIQ for Legal. IBM StoredIQ for Legal provides an end-to-end platform that streamlines the eDiscovery process for legal and IT stakeholders. Use IBM StoredIQ for legal to gain efficiency and transparency in custodian identification, legal hold notification, and eDiscovery collection and preservation.

IBM Case Manager and IBM Datacap streamline the loan application process

There are numerous steps – and documents – involved in the bank loan application process, making it time consuming. But IBM Case Manager and IBM Datacap streamline the loan application process through a single platform. Required information is consolidated and the entire approval process is expedited. Accelerate the banking process for your customers.

IBM Case Manager Demo

IBM Enterprise Records - Features Overview

The rapid proliferation of digital information requires a transformation of records management. To accommodate rapidly growing volumes of information, comply with regulations and avoid litigation, organizations today need a highly extensible, security-rich records management solution. It must be able to capture, declare, classify, store and dispose of electronic and physical records. IBM Enterprise Records is a comprehensive solution that combines automation, reliability and compliance for better records management.

IBM Daeja ViewONE Viewer Demo

This demo showcases both the IBM Daeja ViewONE Professional and Virtual viewers with the latest update of IBM Content Navigator. The viewer is one of the core functions of content management, with the ability to customize functionality to visually markup content on-the-fly. In this demo, we will be following content that is part of a recently filed auto insurance claim.

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